Residents suffer as Stung Sen River runs dry

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Residents suffer as Stung Sen River runs dry

Source: Khmer Times
Date: 13 May 2020

Residents and authorities in Kampong Thom province’s Kampong Svay district yesterday expressed deep concern over the persistence of severe drought in the Stung Sen River.

Provincial governor Sok Lou said yesterday many communities are suffering from a scarcity in water supply, which has led to concerns regarding the cultivation of crops.

“Since the arrival of the dry season, residents of the Kampong Svay district has not seen rainfall. The absence of rain has further dried up the Stung Sen River. In some areas, the water level has dropped drastically to the bottom of the river,” said Mr Lou.

Stung Sen River is a major water source for residents in the province. Aside from being a source of water for daily use and irrigation of agricultural crops, the river has also been a place for fishing and bathing animals.

“Some families have lost their source of income since the drought struck,” said Mr Lou.

Despite the challenges, no measure has been carried out by experts and relevant authorities to respond to the drought.

“The affected residents can solve the problem by using a drainage system as well as the remaining water in canals, streams and ponds which are near their houses for daily use,” said Mr Lou, as he expressed hope that the coming rainy season will alleviate the water scarcity.

Water levels drop drastically in drought-stricken Stung Sen River. Facebook
Water levels drop drastically in drought-stricken Stung Sen River. Facebook

“I think Kampong Thom is not the only province experiencing drought. Other provinces have also been facing the same weather phenomenon. However, I believe that when the rainy season arrives, water levels will rise and return to normal,” he added.

In an interview with Khmer Times in March, farmers from the provinces of Pursat and Battambang aired their struggles from water shortages brought by high temperatures during this year’s dry season.

The Ministry of Water Resource and Meteorology, in a forecast last month, said the months of April to October will be dominated by the transition between cold and warm phases.

The ministerial notification also said a possible drought period will likely happen from the second week of July until the end of the month.

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