Since its establishment in 2012, iSEA has been implementing several projects with private water operators and its developed partners such as GRET, WSP, AFD, UNICEF, and EMW. Through the pass year of implementing, iSEA has done many projects with its developed partners such as Business Development Services (BDS), Access to Finance (A2F), WASHOBA and Capacity Building for REEs and SWEs (CBRS).

Projects with Private Water Operators

From 2012 to mid-2015, iSEA has been implementing eleven private projects in six provinces. Among the eleven projects, there were two sites in Oddor Mean Chey, three sites in Kampong Cham, three sites in Kandal, one site in Tboung Khmom, one site in Battambang, and one site in Kampong Thom. The full service package that iSEA has provided to the private water operators are feasibility study, detail study (detail technical drawing and site supervision), and technical & business training.

  • Business Development Service (BDS)

Started in June 2013 and ended in August 2014, Business Development Services (BDS) was designed to enhance the capacity of the water operators by providing technical and business training and coaching. It was prepared by Cambodian Water Supply Association (CWA) in association with and funded by the Water and Sanitation Program (WSP) of World Bank.

GRET/iSEA and Emerging Markets Consulting (EMC) collaborated in implementing the project, which GRET/iSEA was responsible for technical training and coaching, and EMC was responsible for business training. There were 30 domestic private water operators from 11 provinces participating in this project. Before conducting the training and coaching, we have conducted a baseline survey on each water utility registered with the project in order to see their performance prior to joining the project. By the end of the project, we also conducted another survey on those water utilities, the end-line. The result shows that some water utilities have changed a lot in terms of their business and technical management, while some others have had only moderate changes.

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  • Access to Finance (A2F)

In 2014, we started to implement another project – Access to Finance (A2F). Funded by WSP of World Bank, A2F was designed to help domestic private water operators prepare business plan for their investment project and seek the banks to offer the loan in order to implement the investment projects.

The consultants for this project are EMC and GRET/iSEA. EMC was responsible for collecting business data and GRET/iSEA was responsible for collecting technical data. The project was divided into 2 phases. There were 26 water operator being selected, which 16 operators were selected in during phase1 and another 10 operator during phase2.
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Funded by AUSAID, WASHOBA aims to enhance the well-being and living condition of people in the target areas (rural areas) by promoting water supply in those areas. This project started in September 2013 and ends in October 2016. It is implemented by GRET and EMW.

GRET is responsible for piped water supply, while EMW is responsible for sanitation. iSEA was sub-contract from GRET to take the responsible for technical drawing and site construction supervision, while GRET is working on managing and preparing grant, project facilitation, and general implementation such as doing the feasibility studies, selecting water operators, selecting construction companies, providing training to provincial staff & water operators, creating and providing training to water association, and monitoring the project. The project has been implemented in 10 sites, located in 7 communes of Kampong Cham and Kratie provinces. By the end of this project, it is expected that 28,600 household will have access to clean water.
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  • Capacity Building for REEs and SWEs (CBRS)

Started in 2015, the access to finance program for small water and rural electrification enterprises (CBRS) aims to expand access to safe water and electricity in small towns and rural areas by providing adequate financing to Rural Electrification Enterprises (REEs) and Small Water Entrepreneurs (SWEs) through loans provided by a local commercial bank (the FTB).

It is commissioned and funded by the French Development Agency (AFD) and the European Union (EU). This program include:

  • 15 million USD credit facility for the water and electricity sectors
  • 5 years program with 3 years capacity building program and the 2 remaining years in monitoring the water sector.
  • An investment grant for an amount of 800,000 Euros (only for the water supply sector)

By the end of this project, an estimated of 50,000 new households will have access to clean water and another 35,000 new households will also have connected to electricity. GRET/iSEA/SeeSaw and Artelia were selected as a consortium to collaborate in implementing the project, which GRET/iSEA/SeeSaw was responsible for small water enterprises, and GRET/Artelia was responsible for rural electrification enterprises. iSEA, as a technical assistant for SWEs, has play an important role in conducting a pre-financing study and business plan to submit to the bank.

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