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All Cambodia people should access to drinking water for better living standard.


Cambodian people should have access to competitive, quality, sustainable, professional
water service, which was supplied by water utilities invested by private water entrepreneurs
or investors.

  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Responsibility to society
  • Organization and individual growth
  • Technical excellence with professional ethics
  • Employee dignity and self respect

iSEA provide consultant services in order to guarantee the quality of the construction, business operation and services. We are expert and best consulting service to our clients. Management without reality source, no experience or blending insightful could be pull your business fall down, that why most of operators choose iSEA to be their consultant in water supply investment. We works as a part of GRET (who is a French development NGO that has been actively fighting poverty and inequalities for 38 years on all levels and in a broad range of subjects.) for more than 10 years experience, consulting and investment adviser unmatched.

The innovative, private supply water sector-led business methodologies and analytic provides our clients with powerful insights for pursuing private water supply sector development goals and capitalizing on the excellent business and investment opportunities available in our markets.

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