iSEA is in close relationship with MIH, CWA and developed partner in Cambodia to update all information related to water supply sector.

Prakas on water asset depreciation rate

On 04th March, 2016 MIH has issued a new Prakas no. 068 MIH/2016 on “Depreciation Rate for Clean Water Production and Distribution”

Update on A2F and CBRS program

As of February 2016, there are 8 private water operators in the A2F program getting the loan from the Foreign Trade Bank (FTB) to implement their investment project.

Currently, we are implementing CBRS program. So far, five SWEs from 5 different provinces were selected to join the program. The pre-financing study of those SWEs have been conducted and the pre-financing reports were submitted to the bank already. When the bank agreed on those reports, we will move on to another phase, the business plan. Soon, the loan will be disbursed to the SWEs that has good business plan to implement their investment projects.

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