Started in 2015, the access to finance program for small water and rural electrification enterprises (CBRS) aims to expand access to safe water and electricity in small towns and rural areas by providing adequate financing to Rural Electrification Enterprises (REEs) and Small Water Entrepreneurs (SWEs) through loans provided by a local commercial bank (the FTB). It is commissioned and funded by the French Development Agency (AFD) and the European Union (EU). This program include:

  • 15 million USD credit facility for the water and electricity sectors
  • 5 years program with 3 years capacity building program and the 2 remaining years in monitoring the water sector.
  • An investment grant for an amount of 800,000 Euros (only for the water supply sector)

By the end of this project, an estimated of 50,000 new households will have access to clean water and another 35,000 new households will also have connected to electricity. GRET/iSEA/SeeSaw and Artelia were selected as a consortium to collaborate in implementing the project, which GRET/iSEA/SeeSaw was responsible for small water enterprises, and GRET/Artelia was responsible for rural electrification enterprises. iSEA, as a technical assistant for SWEs, has play an important role in conducting a pre-financing study and business plan to submit to the bank.

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