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Started in June 2013 and ended in August 2014, Business Development Services (BDS) was designed to enhance the capacity of the water operators by providing technical and business training and coaching. It was prepared by Cambodian Water Supply Association (CWA) in association with and funded by the Water and Sanitation Program (WSP) of World Bank. GRET/iSEA and Emerging Markets Consulting (EMC) collaborated in implementing the project, which GRET/iSEA was responsible for technical training and coaching, and EMC was responsible for business training. There were 30 domestic private water operators from 11 provinces participating in this project. Before conducting the training and coaching, we have conducted a baseline survey on each water utility registered with the project in order to see their performance prior to joining the project. By the end of the project, we also conducted another survey on those water utilities, the end-line. The result shows that some water utilities have changed a lot in terms of their business and technical management, while some others have had only moderate changes.